Sunday, May 27, 2012

Danica Torres - Sizzling Hot Photos

Can't get enough of Danica Torres? Check out her sexy topless photos. More after the jump!


do you want have a sex with me?

sana pinakita mo nalang yung boobs mo

may gatas ba yang boobs mo?

oo nga sana pinakita mo na lang yang boobs mo!

See this blog on the 3rd pic above It was edited and panties got removed,its worth fapping for...

kujaw keo na baje. lami kaajo ka !

I like the most are your eyes

Perfect Body! I like you boobs and chin

your so adorable.kahit ndi maxado malaki boobs mo.. npakaganda mo pa din

Danica go to higher level of your career you can go farther than that, aim high reach playboy or penthouse mags. By the way before i forget you atr beautiful and pretty!!!

Wow.... sexy...

kakantutin kita hanggang gusto mo!...

what is the real name of this chick..??? i thought it is Esther Yu Corana and why is it that her name is Danica Torres...i am confused

bakit d mu pakita boobs mo,,wala namang mawawala,,hangang tingin lng kme sisikat ka pa

Ang sarap nman.....yummy:-) .. pakita muna boobs mo pls

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