Thursday, February 2, 2012

KC Concepcion - ROGUE Magazine (COMPLETE)

Here is the complete set of KC Concepcion's sexiest photos courtesy of ROGUE magazine.


You would think the cover is already hot but OMG the pics inside are exquisite and beyond hot! She's on fire! What's more amazing is she's not naked at all yet she managed to get my full attention!

I don't think KC did this photo shoot to rise or to be recognize into fame. She IS already famous no doubt about that. "Maybe" this is just one way of coping up after breaking up with Piolo. To show it to Piolo that "hey, this is the lady you let go." I can say that these pictures are not gross at all. These pictures are wonderful presentation of being sexy without being bare naked.

yah.. its her way of moving on.. showing power to take control of your life and rise above the pain. she is so gorgeous and can carry herself well with class and decency.. i salute her for empowering woman that we should embrace changes and be not afraid to show that inner strength.. and to Piolo, " oh man this is what your missing!"

yea piolo this is what you are missing because whatever you do, you are still a MALE lol!

i could never imagine that KC will make a shoot like this. But eventually i would say she's really gorgeous..

bakit ganun? di bagay kay KC...kung makapag post sa ng ganyan parang di na virgin

KC is a hot chick. I'd die just to fondle her breasts.

KC got the best genes of both her parents! ODK (O Diyos ko po!!!) Shis is just SMMMMOOOOKKKKIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!! No wonder Jules Knight said, "I must say that KC has done something strange to me" in response to a fan question (posted on his FB fan webpage but has since been taken down).

May landi ang kanyang tingin!!! Huwaw!!!!

oh my gosh .... perfect na boobs i woul like to grab it

Parabg gusto nyang sabihin na Piolo .. wala ka nito :D

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