Friday, August 26, 2011

Jinri Park - Sexy Lingerie

Korean model Jinri Park shows us how hot and how sexy her body is in her lingerie. More photos after the jump! Like it! Enjoy!


hi.i have a crush on jinri..and i always wish i could buy a mag with her on the cover..but i cant have such mag here in the house.. but thanks to your blog.. ps. i saw a mag i think its all her pics on it. can u do a blog of it?? THANKS. id love to visit your blog anytime..:D

its just another so hot pic of my idol JiNrI park..... ive just listened to her every time when im home... ive enjoying to listened to her every sunday morning in hip26 followed the emo hits of her! more power!

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I don't like the way she hosts or talks in RX

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