Friday, May 13, 2011

Jamilla Obispo - Sexy Mama in Bikini

Since May is the month we celebrate Mother's Day, we want to give our gratitude and tribute to all the moms out there. So we will be probably posting more about them especially to those people that you used to call "Hot Mama!" Our first hot mama is Jamilla Obispo. I think her first TV debut was in PBB teen edition 1. She may seem very carefree and daring but she's actually a very loving Mom, who's willing to do anything for her child. She worked as a model in a girly bar and even posed topless in FHM way back 2005. Oops! Enough of the drama. I'm sure many of you guys would still want to be her child's step Papa. LOL! Anyways, Check out these sexy photos of Jamilla. Enjoy!

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