Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mocha Girls - CamSur Photos

Mocha Uson and the rest of the Mocha Girls had a great time in CamSur Watersports Complex(CWC).Things to do at the CWC? Better check out their ECO village, swimming pools, game rooms, skate park, the hot celebrities like Mocha Uson, and of course don't miss the fun and the thrill of wakeboarding. Anyways, More photos of the Mocha Girls after the jump! Enjoy! Like it!

Mocha Uson, Jhane Santiaguel, Mae dela Cerna and the other girls really had a great time and did some fun & crazy-hot things in the swimming pool. I hope they didn't plan to do synchronized swimming after.
do they offer underwater sports or activities in CWC? swimming pool snorkeling would be a lot of fun! LOL


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