Thursday, September 2, 2010

Althea Altamirano - FHM GF of the Month (September 2010)

An avid Avril Lavigne fan and also a band singer Althea Altamirano drops the mic and her clothes and started focusing on her career in modeling. In her interview she said that being in a band is much complicated cause she have to memorize the lyrics of songs and she have to stay for those long band rehearsals unlike in modeling she said that things are more relaxed. I kinda agree with her in modeling she don't need to memorize just pose sexy and show some skin. :D


Isn't she the suspect of the murder of her model friend?

she already erase her fb acc...

a face of a killer.. indeed... demon in disguise


malamang lulurayin lang yan ng mga jail warden!!!!

bespren killer! sa bilibid kna magpo-pose ng ganyan pokpok ka pipilahan kna dun!!

wala pang final conviction, the constitutional right to presumption of innocence still applies

hi althea san ka nakakulong gusto kita tikman kahit killer ka libog na libog ako sayo

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