Monday, August 16, 2010

Survivor Philippines 9 Female Celebrity Castaways

Will you be worried and be bored in an island if along with you were 5 Hot female celebrities like Solenn Heussaff, Aubrey Miles, Princess Snell, Michelle Madrigal, and Aira Bermudez accompanied by 3 comediennes like Myka Flores, Moimoi Marcampo, and Karen Delos Reyes with the presence of strong mama Elma Muros? I guess the first 5 names I stated were enough to removed your worries and make you stay in the island. :D

Solenn Heussaff – She’s a model, a socialite, an artist and entrepreneur… and she’s also super hot. “Ang Diwata ng Isla” — does she have what it takes to add another dimension to her enigmatic personality?
Princess Snell – She’s sugar and spice and everything nice… or is she? Known to be “Pasaway” will she get support from her purported boyfriend while in the island?

Aubrey Miles – Sexy actress… Hot Mama… “Ang Pasimuno” – her sweet exterior yet tough attitude makes this castaway a force to reckon with. Will she use her beauty or brains to stay in the game?Michelle Madrigal – Sometimes the villain, at times the heroine, “The Outcast” of this game – many wonder if she has the strength of mind and body to survive such grueling conditions.

Aira Bermudez – The “Dancing Warrior” – this feisty Sexbomb dancer is sure to bring added spice to life in the island. Will her moves bring her closer to the three million prize, or will her performance be cut short before this season’s climactic ending?

Karen delos Reyes – This generation’s “Taray Queen”, her flair for words and animated reactions will sure to keep castaways on their toes. Will she find new friends inthe island or add to her growing list of foes?Myka Flores – From dakilang extra to “Bidang Extra” — Bubble Gang’s Mykah Flores now has a chance to outshine her co-stars in a game where survival is key to fame and fortune.
Elma Muros – A be-medaled athlete who finds herself competing in unfamiliar ground. This season’s “Strong Mama” – will she be a threat to be reckoned with or will she be this game’s underdog?
Moimoi Marcampo – This “Yayang Palaban “, most known for her role in the hit movie KimiDora, has taken her offcam work as a real-life personal assistant to the stars to a whole new level. Will she stand her ground against the stars she more often bows down to, or will she be again relegated to the background when the cameras start rolling?

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